Ahh!! The day is finally here. I have been yearning for this day for as long as I can remember. Being pregnant, that’s not very long. (That was a joke.) In all reality though, I have dreamt of publishing a book of some type on Amazon for over a decade. And guess what?! That day is finally here. I have been working my tail off to get everything “just right” in this 104-page workbook, and I finally did it! My first publication on Amazon can be found here. What a special reason to smile!

Here comes the fun part. The name says it all: SMART Reflections: A Reflective Goal-Setting Workbook for Educators. Keep reading to learn more about my book baby.

A Personalized Workbook that Helps You Reflect on Your Values and Priorities as You Navigate Your Goal-Setting Journey:

Crystal Abitz speaks to audiences all over the country about intentional living through reflection. Hearing the enthusiastic responses from her audiences, she has taken this concept one step further and has developed a workbook to guide educators in the process of intentional goal-setting. Knowing, understanding, and then integrating personal values and priorities into goal-setting is paramount in setting meaningful goals. SMART Reflections: A Reflective Goal-Setting Workbook for Educators has a unique, interactive approach that allows readers to think more deeply about how their values, priorities, and goals fit their instructional approaches. This workbook guides individuals in developing specific and practical ways to implement these concepts and SMART principles in their personal and professional lives.

Write at Your Own Pace:

This is YOUR personal workbook. You can spend as much time as you need on each section. SMART Reflections: A Reflective Goal-Setting Workbook for Educators is broken down into manageable sections. This means you can pause and take breaks as needed, allowing yourself to reflect throughout your goal-setting journey.

Plenty of Writing Space:

There are pages throughout that are dedicated for reflection. You’ll have space to write down ALL your thoughts, ideas, inspirations, and questions. As part of the reflection process, you are encouraged to discuss and collaborate with others as you navigate this workbook.

Even More About the Book:

This workbook was made specifically for YOU, an educator, to help you refine your goal-setting process and set goals that will reflect your personal and professional values and priorities. More than typical goal-setting, this process will guide you through deep reflection to help you gain insight into who you are and how you can best help yourself as you help your students. Section One: The first section includes a deep reflection of your values and priorities, followed by a reflection of six key topics that will help you shape your goals: 1.) assumptions; 2.) connections to content; 3.) connections to students; 4.) perspectives; 5.) ownership; and 6.) presence. Section Two: The second section includes a reflection of your purpose– for teaching and for intentional living. This section also includes an introduction to different types of goals. Section Three: The third section is the most inclusive and includes SMART goal-setting. You will take a deeper look at a variety of SMART goals you could set to enhance your teaching and your students’ learning. This section also provides space and guidance for setting long-term and short-term goals, as well as personal and team goals. Bonus Section: The final section includes reflective questions that will encourage you to think critically about your communication, relationships, and personal challenges. This is your personal workbook. Write in it! Doodle in it! Make it yours.

TAKE ACTION: Do yourself a favor and click this title: SMART Reflections: A Reflective Goal-Setting Workbook for Educators. Follow the link and purchase this workbook- for yourself, for your friends, for your colleagues, for your relatives, for whomever! This workbook is designed for educators, but the content can easily be applied to just about anyone.

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