Are you mentally weak, or are you subconsciously asking for help? What about your athletes or your kids? Have you ever experienced that training session that was meant to be challenging, but you know it wasn’t too much to ask? It was within reach, but you stopped short of fulfilling expectations. Why did you stop? Did you give up? Do you think you are weak? Do you lack drive, motivation, grit? Is it a legitimate lack of mental strength, or is it a silent cry for help?

Maybe you’ve taken on more than you could handle. Maybe your goals are too lofty. Maybe your plate is too full. Whatever the reason, take time to reflect. Don’t settle for the label of being “mentally weak.” Dig deeper and figure out what the deeper issue is. Perhaps you’ve gone from over-reaching to over-training and you’re on the verge of burning out. Maybe there are other more serious medical or mental health issues that need attention. Please, know that you are mentally strong. Never settle for having a lack of mental strength. Reflect. Realize when you need a break. If you’re not sure, ask. We’re here to help.

Sometimes we just need a little time off to physically, mentally, and emotionally recover. We all need time to mentally reset so that we can attack our goals even harder next time. This is normal. This is human. Be a human.

*Yes, that is our author, Crystal, in that photo.