My experiences at massage therapy school were life changing. The environment was welcoming, my peers were encouraging and open-minded, and the instructors were brought in from throughout the United States because of their knowledge, experience, and passion to share with others. My tendency to take a lot of notes served me well as I extracted heaps of valuable information from our conversations that will never be found in textbooks. Interaction and conversation are powerful tools from which we can learn about the given content, the world around us, the world beyond us, and the world within us. (Click HERE to learn more about Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School.)

I loved every minute of these classes and felt that I was certainly in the right place. The timing could not have been better as it was a time for growth and a time for change. Because I love sharing my knowledge with others, and because I always write a lot of notes, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of the powerful quotes from my instructors and peers. These quotes were relevant to our conversations within the classroom setting, but they may also be applied to life in general. As with any quote, these quotes are only as worthwhile and applicable as you make them and may have numerous meanings and applications. Enjoy!

“I don’t work. I love what I do, so I don’t work. Thank you for coming to class so that I can live my passion.

“There are no accidents. Each one of you is here for a reason, for a purpose.”

“It’s okay to be afraid, because that’s when we learn and that’s when we live.”

“What I see is the potential everyone has to change lives. If everyone can touch people positively and change their lives for the good, our world will be a wonderful place.”

“Experience the unknown, because that is where the greatest learning happens.”

“People don’t need stuff or things, they need love.”

I’m going to push you, but I will never let you fall. I will catch you if you fall. We all have a resistance within us and I am here to help you break through that.”

“We never know what we release. We just don’t know how bodies will respond. We don’t know what muscle memory may be triggered. There may be trauma stored deep within us and we may release those memories.”

“We are touching humans. We are touching their lives. Be mindful of your intent. Your hands can hurt or they can help. Use your hands to help bring the positive energy to others.”

“Our bodies are our encyclopedias and carry the stories of our lives. We don’t know what might be activated. We need to respect people’s boundaries. Our intention is to heal and to help, but we don’t know what we may release.”

“We must be able to survive before we can thrive.”

“Work smarter not harder.”

“Never compromise good body mechanics, ever.”

“Get out of your mind and into your hands. Feel what you need; feel what you are missing so you can find it.”

“Where change and success happen is where all the little subtleties and nuances are missing.”


I hope you find meanining in alt least one of these quotes. Pick one and let it be your focus for a week. Check back for more lessons and quotes in Part 2.

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