No! You do not need a new diet, or any diet, unless you are training for something specific  or if your doctor called your nutrition plan a “diet.” Personally, this word is horrendous and should not be used by anyone. If you are adjusting your “food plan” or nutritional intake for whatever reason, please refer to this as a lifestyle change and not a “diet.” The stigma and related psychological effects of being on a diet may be even worse than your previous food plan. So, please, entertain this thought for a while and talk about your nutrition, your lifestyle, your food choices… but please don’t talk about or think about your “diet.”

See this photo? This is what a market in Brazil looks like. It is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods are inexpensive and readily available for all to enjoy. There is not much talk of “dieting,” nor is there the obesity epidemic that we observe so easily in the U.S. If you’re looking for a new diet, perhaps you should consider cutting back on some of the processed foods and drinks that contain minimal nutrients, and instead, allow yourself to experience the full, rich flavors of fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, don’t even consider it, just do it! Fill your plate with fruits and veggies, but hold the cheese and sauces. Be mindful of your intake and please don’t eat until you are “stuffed” or in a “food coma.” Enjoy the tastes, smells, and textures of your new diet and take a breath of thanks between each bite.