Although change is inevitable, it is often challenging and a little scary.

Repeat the following:

“From this day forward, I will embrace challenges confidently and with an open mind. I will view change as an opportunity for education and self-improvement. I will face my challenges boldly and will not be afraid. I will use challenges in my life to overcome my weaknesses and to become a stronger, more confident me. Through this personal journey, I will strengthen my sense of self and self-worth. I will become more confident and happy. I will live in the moment while looking forward to the next! I will live life and love it!”

Everything and everyone changes. Change is good. Change allows us the time and the means by which we can explore. We explore the world and we explore ourselves. I have withstood many changes recently, and I did my best to view them as exciting challenges. Because of this, I was able to embrace the changes as exciting, and I faced each one with a smile on my face. I accepted the changes in my life, because I knew they were leading me toward more happiness.

Change is often difficult, but we must be optimistic and remember that in order to live our dreams and climb those mountains of life, we must experience change. With this in mind, I promise to be optimistic as I look forward to today, tomorrow, and all the rest.