Mental Weakness or Cry For Help?

Are you mentally weak, or are you subconsciously asking for help? What about your athletes or your kids? Have you ever experienced that training session that was meant to be challenging, but you know it wasn't too much to ask? It was within reach, but you stopped short of fulfilling expectations. Why did you stop? Did you … Continue reading Mental Weakness or Cry For Help?

NSCA National Conference 7/9/15- Mark Watts: Rotational Power

I'm happy to share my notes from Coach Mark Watt's presentation at the NSCA National Conference in Orlando, FL on July 9, 2015. Coach Watts is a fifth grade teacher and U8 Girls Soccer Coach in Columbus, Ohio. Formerly, Watts was the Director of Education at among other roles. He is an exceptional coach and … Continue reading NSCA National Conference 7/9/15- Mark Watts: Rotational Power

Hormonal Response: Program Design

Question: Should hormonal response be considered in strength and conditioning program design? The endocrine system mediates the breakdown and repair of muscle protein, which is necessary for an overall training effect to occur (1). Because of the role the endocrine system plays on the development of protein metabolism and muscle growth (1-3) one might think … Continue reading Hormonal Response: Program Design

NSAIDs for Muscle Aches and Soreness

Question: Should athletes take NSAIDs to combat muscle aches and soreness? Athletes sustain a variety of muscle injuries throughout their careers. These injuries include, but are not limited to the following: strain- located at the myotendinous junction caused by unaccustomed explosive movements; contusion injury- vascular damage within a muscle caused by direct contact; myofiber injury- … Continue reading NSAIDs for Muscle Aches and Soreness

How to Maximize Concurrent Training

Question: How can concurrent training (endurance + strength) be managed to maximize benefits? Properly designed endurance training (ET) programs are typically low resistance with high repetitions, and aim to increase maximal oxygen uptake, metabolic adaptation, and exercise capacity (1,2). On the contrary, resistance training (RT) programs are high intensity with high resistance and few repetitions, and … Continue reading How to Maximize Concurrent Training

Core Training: A Controversial Review

Question: Is specific “core” training necessary for optimal performance or are basic structural resistance training exercises sufficient? Specific core training is necessary for injury prevention and for optimal athletic performance, but it should not be the primary aspect of training. Furthermore, specific core training is more necessary for some sports, positions, and individuals than others, … Continue reading Core Training: A Controversial Review

Mindfulness for Sports Enhancement: Quotes from Pros

The following is a collection of quotes from professionals on mindfulness in sports. "When we are mindful of what is going on, there's a lack of self-consciousness, there's a relaxed concentration, and there's this sense of effortlessness, of being in the flow." ~George Mumford, Lakers meditation coach "Yoga helps center you... If you can find … Continue reading Mindfulness for Sports Enhancement: Quotes from Pros