Maybe, maybe not. The phrase “go with the flow” provides only temporary encouragement, temporary attainment of flow. We need clear goals and skills to overcome specific challenges to help us reach and maintain the flow state, the flow experience. Happiness is not flow; flow is not happiness. However, happiness may be derived from the flow experience. Neither happiness nor flow just happen, we must make take action and make them happen.

  • Pay attention to what you’re doing and do it the best you can.
  • Whatever you do, pay attention, do it well, and it will flow.
  • Allow yourself to feel satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

Let’s talk about flow.

Take a minute to consider the following:

  • group flow vs. individual flow
  • solitude: Are you in flow? OR Are you lonely?
    • Have you mastered boredom?
    • What about solitude at work vs. home?

Let’s talk about creative people.

Take a minute to consider the following:

  • creative people discover problems
    • they construct solutions “on the fly”
  • creative people allow problems to emerge
    • what about during interactions with others??

Let’s talk about resilient people.

Take a minute to consider the following:

  • resilient people achieve intense satisfaction in what they are doing
    • they become extremely involved in their activities
  • forget about their problems

What about boredom and anxiety?? How can we combat these two??

  • We need to find that challenge/skill balance.
  • We need to have clear goals with appropriate feedback.
  • Immediate feedback is crucial to finding that challenge/skill balance.
  • Many people who experience boredom and/or anxiety are too busy thinking about themselves or time- either the past, future, or the current passing of time.
    • In the flow state, however, we stop thinking about self. We enjoy the moment for what it is and we want it to be repeated over and over again. The required actions associated with the tasks become intrinsic, or natural. We can complete them with automaticity, without thinking.

So, can flow be coached?

Maybe, maybe not. BUT!! If we take all of the above into consideration, we may have greater likelihood of guiding someone (or ourselves) towards the flow state. What do you think?