“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited.”

Do you love what you do? Yes?? GREAT! No?? Then why do you do it?

Do what you love and love what you do. Have passion for life. Have passion for your daily activities. Create meaningful activities for yourself and others. If you haven’t discovered yourself or found your purpose, then go ahead and make a purpose. Create a life worth living. There are no solid rules to this.

“Everything that you learn well supports everything that you want to do well.”

Know what you want to know, understand, apply, and feel. By the end of your experiences in a class, on vacation, during a work seminar, or in life in general, what is your ultimate goal? Do your goals align with what you want to know? Do your goals align with what you want to understand? Do your goals align with what and how you want to apply a skill or behavior? Do your goals align with how you want to feel?

“Circumstances may change, but your values and core beliefs may stay the same.”

What do you want or need by the end of your class, vacation, work seminar, or by the end of the week in general? Do your experiences, activities, and overall objectives align with your desired outcomes? Do you have the resources and support you need to be successful?

Here are some key terms to consider from a teacher perspective on all of this:

  • Accommodating learning styles
  • Accommodating technology
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Experiential learning
  • Scaffolding
  • Evaluation of student learning
  • Evaluation of student understanding
  • Formative assessment (completed throughout)
  • Summative assessment (completed at the end)
  • Transfer of learning
  • Essential knowledge
  • Essential questions
    • Why is the task or activity important?
    • How do the activities guide the learning experiences?
    • How can the learning experiences be used in the future?
  • Magical triangle: learning outcomes–> activities–> evaluation–>learning outcomes

The ultimate goal may be to gain the ability to transfer your learning from one context to another. Everything we learn and experience shapes who we are, who we become. Transferring knowledge and learning from one context to another will allow for deeper learning in the subsequent contexts. Instead of starting from square one, we’ll already have insight and foundational knowledge on which to grow and develop. Teaching, learning, loving… they all take time. They all require valuable resources- energy, patience, kindness, among others. Continual nurturing of these resources will help you ignite your fire, spark your positive energy, and open your mind to the new and exciting adventures that await.