Notes on Leadership (Brian Tracy)

“There are 1,000 excuses to fail, but no reason.” ~Brian Tracy (BT)

I am important:

  • Feelings add value to our lives
  • Feeling important = higher self-esteem
  • Confidence in self = others will have confidence

*When I like myself, I set higher goals, and then my confidence goes up.

Pick one skill for improvement:

  • What will make me feel in control?
  • Focus on one thing for 2 hours every day
  • Train like a sniper shot, not like a shotgun blast
  • Add new skills to increase our value
  • Set priorities and follow through

*We must master one skill until we move to the next, like moving up a ladder toward our goals.

“You become what you think about.”

“If you think it, ink it.”

Knowledge = Quality of Thinking = Quality of Life

On time management:

  • “Create within yourself a clear depiction of what you would like to enjoy on the outside.”
  • “What and how you think is reflected outwardly.”
  • Time management = Life management
    • We cannot get back wasted time.
    • Do something worth your time, worth your life.

Rules for life:

  • Pick 3 important things: Do them often and improve them
  • “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Now.”



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