The Energy Bus: My Reflection

The Energy Bus is a must read for anyone who wants to experience a fulfilling, happy life.

  • “Too blessed to be stressed”
    • Your bus is going through life- open your eyes so you can see the beauty.
    • Reflect more: enjoy more moments, more sunrises and sunsets, more moments of joy
    • Take more risks and chances- life is too short not to go for it
    • Leave a legacy for future generations- the best legacy is a world that has been impacted and touched by your presence, your joy, and your positive interactions

Live like you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Live each day with purpose and joy.

Be the CEO of your life: Chief Energy Officer

  • This is my bus. I’m driving and going where I want- how I want. I can take the wheel and change direction anytime. The power is mine. I choose my attitude, my energy. Life is energy, so when I choose my energy, I choose my life.
  • My smile is my superpower. When I smile, everything changes. Smile more, think less. This is my life, my bus, and it’s up to me to use my superpower to influence change- in myself, in others, and in the world around me.
  • Where do I want to go? Have a vision; know my purpose. When I have a desire, I have the power to make it happen. Have faith, confidence, and smile… because this is my bus, and I’m the driver.
    • My bus is fueled by positive energy.

Law of attraction: The more we focus on something, the more we think about something, the more it shows up in our lives. What we think about, we attract. Spend time thinking about what we want; spend less time thinking about what we don’t want.

Visualization of positive experiences and performances project positive energy. “We live an energy field of dreams.”

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