Halfway Up

In the pursuit of our dreams and goals (sports, business, relationships, life), many of us think about our potential barriers and refer to our journey as climbing up a “mountain.”  While it is important to set crazy awesome goals, it is also important to stop and refresh ourselves along the way.

Halfway up our mountains, we can wash away our struggles.

This photo of me was taken in 2012 during a backpacking trip I went on through Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Taking a step back and looking at this photo reminds me that the journey is sometimes much more intriguing than our initial goals. Washing in the waterfall reminds me that with the many challenges and struggles along our paths, it is important to pause and reflect.

We can stop and celebrate the progress we’ve made, and we can wash ourselves free from our struggles. We can also refresh ourselves and fill our cups (mountain may not always be an option, so figuratively) so that we have renewed spirits and more energy to continue climbing. No longer dwelling on the challenges we’ve faced to this point, we can almost “reset” ourselves and start again up our “mountains” and toward our goals with confidence.

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