NSCA National Conference 7/9/15- Mike Alstott (Keynote)

I’m happy to share my notes from Former NFL star Mike Alstott’s presentation at the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) National Conference in Orlando, FL on July 9, 2015. These are my notes from his presentation. The following may or may not be his intended message:

Behind the scenes is where coaching starts. Passion. Spirit. Heart. Confidence. Leadership. Inspiration. Energy. Mentor. Coach. Trust. Rapport. Relationships. Commitment. Preparation.

Have a network, but more importantly, have a network of mentors.

Do the little things in a big way… make a positive, lasting impression so our athletes can carry that impact with them through their lives. Change lives.

“If I care, mentor, and teach them, I can help mold their development. Heart is at the center of coaching.”


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