NSCA Clinic in VA 4/8/17- Wintrich

I’m happy to share my notes from Coach Frank Wintrich’s presentation at the National Strength and Conditioning Association state clinic in VA on April 8, 2017.

Realize these are my notes, which may differ from what he actually said or from the intent of his message. Enjoy. Contact us if you have questions or comments. Thank you!

~Gratitude: Start with WHY. His mission is to change the world through University of Virginia football performance.

~”If you limit your knowledge, you limit your athletes.” ~Buddy Morris

~Absorb information. Modify it to fit your needs. Apply it to your program.

~Knowledge is the purest form of competitive advantage.

~Basics: Squat pattern; Pull pattern; Push pattern

~Master the craft & Warrior mindset

~Stress management:

  • The body wants to survive. It doesn’t know the difference between eustress (positive) and distress (negative). Be aware of the amount of stress.
  • The body must adapt to changes within self and the environment.

~Hans Selye: “General Adaptation Syndrome”

  • Alarm
  • Adaptation (resistance)
  • Exhaustion

~Be honest with yourself

~Check your ego at the door

~”Own the movement”

~Allow time for the body to adapt to a new stage

~Fundamentals / Consistency / Mastery

~Take pride in teaching, coaching, and demanding technique (proficient, mobile, healthy)


  • It’s always possible to add more load.
  • What are we trying to accomplish? (Be able to explain rationale.)
  • Have I experienced it?
  • Can I coach it?

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