Hope for Humanity

I was unsure of what to do with myself a few days ago, so I grabbed a large garbage bag and went for a walk. I picked up trash along the road while I walked. All the chaos in my mind calmed and I felt at peace while I continued along the road. It was somewhat meditative, picking up trash. I must have zoned out a little, because I was startled when I heard a little voice calling out in my direction. I looked up ahead of me and saw a little boy, maybe 10 or 11 years old, walking towards me. He was holding the leash of a great big dog in one hand, and he was holding a pile of trash in the other hand. His smile stretched from ear to ear. He was full of energy as he reached his hand towards my garbage bag. He said he watched me picking up trash, so he thought it would be a nice thing to help me. Then he said that everybody should pick up something everyday, even if it’s not theirs, and then all the roads and walking trails would be clean.

This. This is what gives me hope for humanity. We are often surrounded by or focused drama or negative news. If we keep our eyes peeled for the little glimmer of respect and kindness from people around us, especially the youth, we can go on living with a breath of fresh air. There really are good people out there, and sometimes they show up when we’re least expecting. Maybe we could be that person to provide some hope for another. Maybe if we see others picking up trash or performing some other good deed, we could chip in and offer them a few minutes of our time and support their effort. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes or a smile to restore this kind of hope.

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