Planning Life Goals

Goals should inspire us to the Nth degree. All our actions should align with our goals, our purposes. Know your priorities and plan accordingly.

Step 1: Establish Your 5 Year Life Achievement List

  • personal growth
  • financial
  • professional
  • athletic
  • spiritual/service
  • social
  • health

Step 2: Establish Your 1 Year Goal

  • Pick 10 from your 5 Year goal list that will have the biggest impact on your life.
    • Write it. Feel it. Do you have an emotional response?

Step 3: Establish Your 90 Day Goals

  • Pick 5 from your 1 Year goal list.

Step 4: Hold a weekly meeting to plan your actions

  • Reflect: What progress did you make the previous week toward reaching your goals?
  • Action: Make a plan for the next 7 days that will help you reach those goals.
    • Outline your steps for the week

Step 5: Plan tomorrow before you sleep tonight

  • Journal: Reflect on your actions toward your goals
  • Review: Will your actions tomorrow align with your mission to reach those goals?

Step 6: Check off things as you do them

  • The only way to learn is to do.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments along the way to reaching your goals.
  • Stay on track and keep moving forward.


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