Massage Therapy School- Clinical Sports: Part 2

The following is a compilation of quotes from during massage therapy school. Reflecting on these golden nuggets allows me to process the information at a deeper level.

See Part I

CLINICAL SPORTS MASSAGE: LOWER BODY (Brian Glotzbach: May 13, 2013 – May18, 2013)

DAY 2:

“Think for yourself and always do what you think is right. Follow your intuition.”

“Trust your hands. Palpation skills are invaluable. We touch muscle tissue and can connect with it.”

“It’s not about perfecting a technique. It’s about learning how to evaluate and efficiently applying the chosen technique.”

“Our goal is to open up and separate the areas of tension, discomfort, and dysfunction.”

“Never be in a hurry.”

Never compromise your own health… for anything.

“Go with your gut and believe your gut.”

Exude confidence, and I don’t care if that means faking it. If you look confident, others will believe that you are confident, and eventually you will become more confident.”

“Make a guess and go with your intuition. Trust yourself and then reflect on your work later.”

“Approach everything as if you know what’s going on.”

“The clinical setting is about using time efficiently. Relieve pain and fix structural imbalances in a short amount of time. Use every minute wisely, always.”

DAY 3:

“The brain can only take so much neural input, so focus on the most important things first.”

“There’s no such thing as too much bodywork.”

“Structural problems in the body are a result of the way we’re set up. This includes posture, pelvic mechanics, environment, etc.”

“A lot of people jump to conclusions instead of searching for the root cause.”

The body is always seeking equilibrium. The eyes want to be parallel to the base structure, and the center of gravity may shift to allow the eyes that parallelism.”

“You can help more people that have never been helped if you can take the rotation out of their hips.”

“Release the psoas!”

“The hips, pelvis, and glutes… enough said.”

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