Massage Therapy School- Acupressure: Part 1

My experiences at massage therapy school were life changing. The environment was welcoming, my peers were encouraging and open-minded, and the instructors were brought in from throughout the United States because of their knowledge, experience, and passion to share with others. My tendency to take a lot of notes served me well as I extracted copious amounts of valuable information from our conversations that will never be found in textbooks. Interaction and conversation are powerful tools from which we can learn heaps about the given content, the world around us, the world beyond us, and the world within us. I loved every minute of these classes and felt that I was certainly in the right place. The timing could not have been better as it was a time for growth and a time for change. Because I love sharing my knowledge with others, and because I always write a lot of notes, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of the powerful quotes from my instructors and peers. These quotes were relevant to our conversations within the classroom setting, but they may also be applied to life in general. As with any quote, these quotes are only as worthwhile and applicable as you make them and may have numerous meanings and applications. Enjoy!

JIN SHIN DO: ACUPRESSURE (Ellen Rosalind: June 8, 2013 – June 16, 2013)

Day 1:

“It’s not so much technique as it is the ability to be present, and not just physically. Being in the present moment is your number one tool.”

“We hope to help you make a better connection with yourself and with the people and world around you.”

“Learning is a never-ending process. As long as you keep your eyes and doors open, you will continue learning.”

“This work can be a very gentle way to help people open. It’s gentle and not intrusive.”

Be a facilitator, not a fixer. Your hands will guide you.”

“Without internal movement, you will not have external movement. And without movement, the body and mind will cease to exist.”

“We are here to facilitate movement. We are aiding the spirit and body as they continue on their journey together.”

“By facilitating and not fixing or healing, we are surrendering ourselves to a deeper level, a higher power that is capable of so much more.”

“…to empower people to become the person they are meant to be.”

“…to build the bridge between the mainstream medical model and everything else out there.”

“Being able to mask the pain of your injuries is a powerful skill. You are able to work through pain to reach your goals and to get the job done. You have a wonderful gift.”

“Unprocessed emotions and injuries in ourselves tend to surface when we are working with others.”

“When the mind is healthy, it can heal the body.”

“Acupressure points will help release the clogged energy and facilitate the flow of energy.”

“Feel body symptoms fully. Feel those sensations as strong as other parts. If all sensations are the same intensity, there is no obsession, but there is neutrality.”

“Neutrality…compassion…no obsession/no resistance; empathy/allowing/experiencing”

“When it’s meant to be, it will stop screaming for attention.”

“We shut ourselves down so we can cope. That’s a great skill, but we also need to pay attention to our bodies, minds, and feelings. We need to open ourselves up and be aware.”

“Feelings are more than emotions, they are our life energy.”

“If we do not create a balance, the balance creates itself.”

“As you release the energy, it tends to flow up. We need to release that energy so it doesn’t get stuck in our necks or heads.”

“Good intent goes a long ways. But then we can add technique and knowledge and go even further.”

“We can sense/feel a blockage and then release it.”

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