Mindfulness for Sports Enhancement: Quotes from Pros

The following is a collection of quotes from professionals on mindfulness in sports.

“When we are mindful of what is going on, there’s a lack of self-consciousness, there’s a relaxed concentration, and there’s this sense of effortlessness, of being in the flow.” ~George Mumford, Lakers meditation coach

“Yoga helps center you… If you can find a place that keeps you centered, both mentally and physically, it can help push your game to the next level.” ~Baron Davis, NBA veteran

Paraphrased: Meditation is the balance between energy (focused), mindfulness (awareness), and concentration. Focus the mind by centering the breath. Mindfulness is not being hyper-focused on goals; it is remaining unattached while focusing on the present moment…. Approach the task with an open mind and do not close yourself off from thinking it’s possible, because you really can surprise yourself sometimes. ~Chris Sharma, rock climber

Paraphrased: Meditation is controlled and focused. At some point the mind softens and relaxes… we are left with a presence, mindfulness. ~Chris Sharma, rock climber

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